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Operating Solutions


Outbound services with high closure rates, increasing customer-perceived quality and achieving lowest cost per transaction. Highly effective inbound customer services (incident treatment and root cause problem solution).


Business process outsourcing strategy, with end-to-end provisioning of the working processes supported by both specific software and qualified professionals.

Business continuity

End-to-end policy conception and updating services for business, continuity plans, for effective increase of operating resilience in view of the potential disasters faced, with optional offering of workstations and labor.



Private, mission-critical Data Center, with cutting-edge facilities, servers, storages, firewalls, generators, no-breaks, inverters, network and phone equipment, supported by excellence internal operating and maintenance processes. The Call Center Rooms comply with the NR-17 Standard and PCI requirements, if needed.


Applications are developed in .NET and Java platform, IOS and Android.


Software specially developedto be sold as “software as a service”: CRM, Remote Workplace Software, Workflow, payment methods.

Focused on enhancing our customers’ businesses.


BizPRO develops evolutive maintenance projects and core systems under Java, .Net, IOS and Android app systems.

Contact Center

Fully outsourced operations by BizPRO, releasing the contracting company’s professionals so they are able to focus on the company’s core business.


Rental of Contact Center telecommunication infrastructure (Avaya IP) in the customer’s facilities.


We hold Data Centers and Contact Center service stations in compliance with NR17 Standard located in the CENTRAL region of São Paulo which are easily accessible through the main routes
and subway lines.

Last Cases

Service Desk

To support schools using management system developed by company in the financial sector.

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Provision of professional, remote Contact Center Station

Service for Brazilian leading foreign exchange market company.

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Update of the Database

And collection of outstanding installments for a cemetery administrator in the State of São Paulo.

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Enrollment of Physicians

And Dentists in regions of interest to Insurance Companies

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Collection of card defaulters

Administratively recover outstanding credits of Credit Card operator customer

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Credit sale to companies

Within FDIC (Credit Right Investment Fund) modality

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